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DOT Physicals in Kittanning

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Commercial motor vehicle drivers are required to have a physical exam completed every 2 years in most cases. These exams help ensure that drivers are in good health and able to operate their vehicles safely, which goes a long way toward reducing the risk of accidents. DOT physicals in Kittanning must be performed by someone who is licensed as a medical examiner, such as doctors of chiropractic. At Mills Chiropractic Center, our chiropractors can conduct DOT physicals to help drivers stay up-to-date on these requirements. 

Reliable and Convenient Kittanning DOT Physicals

When you need to have a DOT physical done, Mills Chiropractic Center can help you out. Our Kittanning DOT physicals are thorough, which gives us the opportunity to detect potential health issues that could affect your driving ability. The sooner these problems are found, the sooner you can start treatment for them if needed. Certain conditions, such as diabetes or heart problems, need to be carefully managed in order to reduce the risk of complications. Early detection of these conditions with a DOT physical helps prevent them from interfering with your driving abilities, which helps keep you and other drivers safe on the road. 

Keep in mind that if you end up having high blood pressure or another condition that needs to be closely monitored, we will issue a certificate for you to have your physical done more often than every 2 years. Doing this helps track the progress of your condition and determine whether you are showing any signs of complications that might affect your driving. 

After our Kittanning chiropractor conducts your DOT physical, we will provide you with a copy of your results and fill out a Medical Examiner’s Certificate if we find that you are physically qualified to operate a commercial vehicle. If we find evidence of any physical concerns, we will inform you so that you can see your regular healthcare provider for follow-up care. For example, if you we find that you have elevated blood pressure levels, your regular doctor can prescribe medications or discuss other treatment options for you as needed. 

If you have pain or stiffness that makes it uncomfortable for you to drive for long periods of time, please keep in mind that we offer chiropractic services that can help. These services, such as manual adjustments and exercises, can help you heal if your symptoms are caused by damage to one or more spinal discs. This can improve your productivity on the job and also make it safer for you to drive for long distances. We can also provide you with nutritional counseling and other advice to help prevent pain and stiffness from recurring. 

Contact Our Chiropractor in Kittanning for a DOT Physical

If you need to have a DOT physical done, please contact our chiropractor in Kittanning at 724-548-7999 to schedule an appointment. We also offer spinal adjustments, massage therapy and other services for pain relief.