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Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling in Kittanning, PA

The comprehensive treatment service offered by Mills Chiropractic Center focuses on whole body health. Nutritional counseling in Kittanning gives patients the tools they need to heal using whole food supplements to provide vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and phytonutrients. Our chiropractor works with each patient to find the unique blend of diet and cleanse services to optimize their health, improving healing and reduce chronic pain.

nutritional counseling in Kittanning, PA

Nutritional Programs Offered by Your Kittanning Chiropractor

21 Day Standard Process Purification Cleanse Program

The 21 Day Purification service is a structured program that cleanses your body while helping your build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Whether you are trying to lose weight or just change your relationship with food, our Kittanning chiropractor can use this plan to get you there.

The 21 Day program consists of:

  • 10 days eating a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits
  • On day 11, you add select proteins to the menus
  • Dietary supplements to support the body’s ability to remove toxins

With purification, you can expect:

  • Increased energy
  • Better digestion
  • Enhanced weight management
  • Less bloating
  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Better quality sleep
  • More focused thinking

The program eliminates naturally occurring toxins to improve your overall health.

10 Day Blood Sugar Support Program

The 10 Day Blood Sugar Support program offered by the Kittanning nutritional counseling staff helps you maintain a normal blood sugar metabolism, so you have:

  • More energy
  • Better quality sleep
  • An even mood
  • A healthy appetite

The program provides patients will all the tools they need to effectively manage their blood sugar as part of a comprehensive health plan.

10 Day Healthy Inflammation Response Program

Inflammation is at the heart of chronic pain and a concern with most injuries and diseases. Reducing the effects of inflammation that comes from exercise and just daily life is critical. The 10 Day Inflammation Response Program provides you with all the necessities to manage and maintain a healthy inflammation process. With this program, you get:

SP Complete Dairy Free – Rice protein that provides a non-dairy source of amino acids, the building blocks of muscles and tissue

SP Cleanse – The cleanse combine whole food and botanical ingredients to helps the body remove toxins naturally

Cyruta Plus – Formula that supports the capillary integrity and function

Boswellia Complex – Herbal formula that contains Boswellia, Celery Seed, Ginger and Turmeric to support waste removal and support different body functions

Black Currant Seed Oil – Supplies essential fatty acid gammalinolenic acid for immune system support and healing

This distinctive combination of supplements works to reduce the damage done by inflammation, so you have less pain and stiffness.

The nutritional counseling service offered by Mills Chiropractic Center uses nutrition to heal your body and mind. From purification to inflammatory response management, our chiropractor empowers patients to create a world that allows them to stay healthy naturally, improve mobility and lower their risk of injury or disease.  

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