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Headache and Migraine Treatment with Our Chiropractor in Kittanning 

You have likely seen commercials advertising over-the-counter and prescriptions medications for treating headache and migraine pain. While occasional use of medications is sometimes necessary, they often come with a host of unpleasant side effects. In addition, to increasing discomfort, medications for headache relief and migraine treatment typically only mask symptoms while doing nothing to address the core issue causing the pain. At Mills Chiropractic Center, our chiropractor in Kittanning, Dr. Michael Mills, helps patients suffering from frequent headaches and migraines address the underlying problems causing the headaches. 


How Chiropractic Care Provides Headache Relief and Prevention

At Mills Chiropractic Center, our team strives to help patients suffering from headaches and migraines by pinpointing the physiological problems affecting each patient and then creating individualized treatment and wellness plans to provide headache relief, reduce headache frequency, and prevent future pain. Using a combination of treatment techniques including gentle chiropractic adjustments, cold laser therapy, and even nutritional counseling, we help patients achieve their optimal wellness from the inside out, rather than simply masking symptoms with a medication. 

Although migraines and run-of-the-mill headaches differ symptomatically, they are often both related to musculoskeletal problems such as subluxated vertebrae, herniated discs, and more. Each of these conditions has the ability to hinder the proper function of the nervous system, create painful muscle tension, limit mobility, and reduce circulation which restricts the body's ability to deliver oxygen and vital nutrients to cells. Chiropractic treatments directly address the problems which cause headaches and migraines by restoring the spine's proper alignment, increasing circulation and mobility, and helping to boost the body at a cellular level. 

By restoring the spine's proper alignment, patients report immediate relief from pain in addition to reduced headache frequency and intensity.

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If you suffer from chronic headaches and migraines, then you understand how debilitating the pain can be. Headaches and migraines not only prevent you from enjoying life's events fully but can often make you miss out completely. We encourage you to say goodbye to side-effect inducing medications and the darkness of your bedroom by beginning a journey of healing at Mills Chiropractic Center.

Our chiropractor in Kittanning will work with you to determine the underlying conditions causing your pain and help you to create and follow a wellness prescription to help you live life to its fullest potential. 

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  • "Dr. Mills is such an intelligent doc. He possesses the critical thinking skills I want in a doctor. I knew him in Chiropractic College, and he was one of the brightest and most innovative of his graduating class."
    David Marcarian / Facebook
  • "Best place for an adjustment. I have been going there for years and will not go anywhere else"
    Joel Stegner / Facebook
  • "Dr Mills has helped me so much , when my hip goes out and my headaches start I go there to get relief. And he is the best . I recommend him to all my friends and family !"
    Mandy Stuchell Gray / Facebook