Sport Injuries

Sport Injuries in Kittanning, PA

Sports injuries can range from acute to chronic. These types of injuries can often be annoying as well as agonizing, that it can make it sometimes impossible to participate in your favorite activities. Since sprains, strains and a variety of neurological symptoms can be traced to musculoskeletal imbalances; it only makes sense to see a chiropractor for sports injuries to help alleviate your discomfort. Either Kittanning Chiropractor here at Mills Chiropractic Center, Dr. Mills or Dr. Brown, can provide you with natural pain relief and rehabilitation solutions.

sports injuries in Kittanning, PA

Types of Sport Injuries Seen by Your Kittanning Chiropractor

Different sports pose different injury risks. Contact sports such as football or wrestling, for instance, can subject the entire body, including the spinal column to potentially devastating impacts. These jolts and shocks can cause everything from concussions and fractures to spinal misalignments, whiplash, joint damage, herniated discs and pinched nerves that relay pain and other symptoms to various parts of the body.

Other sports injuries may take longer to develop. These tend to be injuries caused by stressing one joint or limb over and over again. Tennis and golf players, for instance, may be prone to elbow tendonitis ("tennis elbow" and "golf elbow"), carpal tunnel syndrome, and rotator cuff injuries in the shoulder and back pain from over-twisting the trunk. Runners who have imbalances in their musculoskeletal system may be vulnerable to runner's knee, plantar fasciitis (a painful foot inflammation), hip pain and lower back pain.

How Can Mills Chiropractor Help?

Your Kittanning chiropractor at Mills Chiropractic Center can play a crucial role in helping you recover from your sports injury. In addition to asking about your symptoms in detail, we also give your entire biomechanical makeup a careful evaluation, from spinal screenings to examinations of your stance, posture, and gait. This allows us to pinpoint the extent and location of your sports injury. (For instance, we may find that the extremity pain you're experiencing is actually referred pain from a spinal nerve impingement.)

Depending on the nature of the injury, we may prescribe multiple techniques to relieve your acute symptoms and correct their underlying cause, such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to ease nerve impingement and spinal joint stress
  • Massage therapy to enhance blood flow and relieve pain in tight or injured tissues
  • Cold laser therapy to boost your tissues' ability to heal themselves while also relieving pain and swelling without drugs
  • Vibration plate therapy to enhance circulation and relax painful muscles
  • Corrective exercises to improve your body's strength, flexibility, and posture

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