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Back Pain Relief in Kittanning and Ford City

If you're suffering the agonies of back pain, you may feel as if you simply can't do anything. This central part of your body supports the entire musculoskeletal system, so when it can't function normally due to an injury or chronic condition, then neither can you. Even more disheartening for many back pain sufferers is the prospect of major surgery to alleviate the pain. But you don't necessarily need to go under the knife -- because Mills Chiropractic Center offers safe, non-invasive back pain relief for Kittanning and Ford City residents.


What Is The Cause Of Your Back Pain?

If you can't imagine why you're suddenly experiencing that nagging case of back pain in Kittanning, chances are that the causes of that pain or anything but sudden. Poor posture due to weak back muscles or an abnormal spinal alignment can develop over a long period of time, gradually placing more and more strain on muscle groups and vertebral joints.

Degenerative spinal conditions can play a role in this development. For instance, your back pain may stem from a bulging disc that has lost water content over the years and "gone flat," straining the joints that connect the vertebrae in the process. Vertebral joints may become arthritic due to chronic strain and inflammation. Spinal stenosis or spondylolisthesis can put pressure on spinal nerve tissue, causing pain.

Other cases of back pain have clearer origins. A work injury, sports injury or auto accident injury can tear muscles, causing back pain and stiffness. A herniated lumbar disc can cause lower back pain as well as leg pain associated with sciatica.

Your Kittanning Chiropractor Can Help!

If the thought of major back surgery is even more distressing than your pain, you need to visit Mills Chiropractic Center. Your Kittanning chiropractor, Dr. Mike Mills or Dr. Stephen Brown, can uncover the reason for your symptoms and administer natural, non-surgical solutions. These include:

Chiropractic adjustments - Chiropractic adjustments can correct spinal alignment problems that cause acute or chronic back pain. 
Spinal decompression - This flexion distraction technique can shift herniated discs away from nerves and help draw water back into bulging discs, normalizing disc height and relieving lower back pain.
Vibration therapy - Your Kittanning chiropractor may prescribe vibration therapy to strengthen back muscles for rehabilitation and to permit better everyday posture.
Cold laser therapy - Cold laser therapy is a drug-free way to stimulate healing and relieve pain in damaged back muscles, helping you feel better and heal more quickly from a back injury.

Get Started on Relieving Your Back Pain in Kittanning!

Don't let back pain in Kittanning keep you from experiencing an optimal quality of life. If you've never visited Mills Chiropractic Center, take advantage of our free consultation for new patients by calling (724) 548-7999 today and scheduling an appointment. We can put you on the road to natural, non-surgical back pain relief! We look forward to meeting with you!


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