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Neck Pain Relief in Kittanning

Neck pain can put a serious crimp in your quality of life. Whether your symptoms stem from an acute accident, a degenerative spinal condition or lifestyle factors that strain your neck muscles, you may be completely unable to function in your daily life until you get that underlying cause treated. Here at Mills Chiropractic, our skilled duo of Dr. Mike Mills and Dr. Steven Brown can provide safe, natural treatment options for neck pain relief in Kittanning that can help you feel and function better without any need for surgery or drugs.


Reasons for That Nagging Pain in the Neck

Your neck is a more complex structure than you might be aware of. The cervical spinal column consists of multiple vertebrae that are connected by small joints and cushioned by fluid-filled discs. A series of muscle groups and connective tissues lend support and strength to the cervical spine. With so many components relying on each other for proper function; it’s no surprise that there are many possible causes of neck pain. Common problems include:

Whiplash - Whiplash is an acute injury syndrome that occurs when a sudden impact on the body throws your head around, creating hyperextension and hyperflexion in your neck. Cervical subluxation, disc herniation, and muscle strain commonly result.

Degenerative ailments - Loss of water content in aging discs reduces the amount of space between vertebrae, encouraging cervical joint pain, strain, and arthritis development. (Bulging discs can also turn into painfully herniated discs.) Cervical stenosis (reduced space in the spinal canal) and spondylolisthesis (shifted vertebrae) can also cause neck pain.

Posture and alignment problems - Any deviation from a normal cervical alignment can place unequal stresses on your neck muscles as they struggle to support your head. Poor postural choices such as “text neck” (from always dropping your head to view your mobile device or computer) can make these issues even worse.

Drug-Free Treatment Options

We provide non-surgical, drug-free whiplash treatment and chronic neck pain relief. Your neck may benefit from:

Chiropractic adjustments - Your Kittanning chiropractor can adjust your cervical spine to correct alignment problems, restoring joint mobility and de-stressing neck muscles.

Soft tissue therapies - We can prescribe massage therapy, cold laser therapy and/or vibration plate therapy as part of your holistic whiplash treatment plan.

Corrective exercises - A personalized program of therapeutic exercises can help you rehab a neck injury or just build your neck muscles for improved support.

Lifestyle recommendations - We can help you adopt smarter, healthier lifestyle ergonomic practices to steer clear of “text neck” and other neck pain causes.

Get Relief for Your Neck Pain in Kittanning and Ford City

If you seek safe, effective relief for your neck pain in Kittanning or Ford City, then you’ll be glad you discovered Mills Chiropractic. Do your neck an enormous favor today by calling (724) 548-7999 and scheduling a consultation with either Kittanning chiropractor on our team!


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