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    Hi, I am Dr. Mike Mills.  Thank you for visiting our website, we believe you will find it to be a helpful asset to your family on your journey to live a healthy and purposeful life.  I opened Mills Chiropractic Center in April of 2001 with a passion to serve our community by restoring people back to health through chiropractic care.  Since that time our practice has grown to be one of the largest chiropractic facilities in our area.

    We realize that most patients initially enter our office for relief of specific symptoms or pain and I have developed a very affective system to provide these people natural and safe care that will restore them back to a symptom free way of life.  However, we have found that there is more to a healthy life than just being pain free.  We believe health is expressing our full genetic potential physically, mentally, and emotionally in our relationships, professional and spiritual lives.  Lets face it you can be pain free but still not have the energy you desire, physical doc2.jpgcondition you want and you may even need to take potentially harmful medication everyday to keep your body 'working right' or just to stay pain free. We provide a wellness program to allow our patient achieve their full potential in health. I have watched patients over the years return to levels of health that they previously thought were unattainable.  Now they have the ability to get down and play with their children or grandchildren, resume hobbies that were before too painful.  I know you want a healthy, productive and purposeful life, we all do, however without our health this in not possible.  I am confident that the care we provide will improve your level of health and therefore your quality of life.

    Let me tell you my story on how I became a chiropractor.  It starts when I was in undergraduate college at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. I had been recruited to UPJ to play baseball, which was my passion in life. However, as my first season of baseball started I began experiencing severe pain in my right shoulder. Throughout the season the condition got worse leaving me unable to play. As the shoulder pain continued it began to not only affect me physically, but also mentally, as my dream of pitching in college was seemingly impossible. Starting at the very onset of the condition I had been working with the team trainer trying every treatment, therapy and exercise, but nothing helped. I was beginning to think I would never pitch again. Then I found hope.

    I decided to go see a chiropractor. The chiropractor performed an exam, took some x-rays and began adjusting my spine. After a series of adjustments my body began to heal and my shoulder pain was gone. My chiropractor gave me my dream back of pitching in college and in the process inspired me to do the same thing for others, so I went to Chiropractic College myself.

    I am a graduate of Elderton High School. After High School I attended the University Of Pittsburgh at Johnstown where I was a civil engineering major for three and a half years before I decided to be a chiropractor. I received my Bachelors of Science Degree from Regents College. I then moved to Davenport, Iowa where I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic. I graduated Summa Cum Laude, as a Presidential Scholar and as member of Pi Tau Delta International Chiropractic Honor Society. I completed my internship in Brooklyn, Michigan where I met my wife Amy.

    My wife Amy and I live in West Kittanning and have three children, Nolan, Mason and Addison.   My children have provided me with an ever stronger passion to teach people the health benefits of chiropractic care.  My children have been receiving chiropractic adjustments since birth to allow their bodies to function at the highest potential.  I can tell you that I could not imagine trying to raise my children without the knowledge of chiropractic care and how it benefits children.  I talk to parents everyday that are dealing with the increasing demands of raising kids in a world with growing numbers of autism, ADHD, ADD, asthma, developmental delay, chronic ear infections and colds, viral scares and on and on.  I feel the stress that it causes them and know they only want to do what is best for their child and to be a good parent, however, the only voice they get to hear only offers them more medications but they don't know were else to turn.  I am here to tell you that we are here to help those parents that want the very best for their children and don't believe that the only option to have a healthy child is to provide regular medication.  We offer parents safe, natural and effective solutions to help them raise healthy, purposeful children.  We have wellness care for children to help them build the healthy immune system they need and to keep their bodies healthy and strong so they can adapt better to life.  We are here to help.

    Lastly, I want you to know that our patient's best interest is our only concern.  We place what is best for you first every time. I am committed to doing whatever it takes to help every patient that enters our office and I do not quit or give up on people.  I believe I am fulfilling God's calling for my life and I take that very seriously.

    I hope you enjoy the website. I would love to hear your feedback. God bless you.

    Yours in Health,
    Dr. Mike

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  • "Dr. Mills is such an intelligent doc. He possesses the critical thinking skills I want in a doctor. I knew him in Chiropractic College, and he was one of the brightest and most innovative of his graduating class."
    David Marcarian / Facebook
  • "Best place for an adjustment. I have been going there for years and will not go anywhere else"
    Joel Stegner / Facebook
  • "Dr Mills has helped me so much , when my hip goes out and my headaches start I go there to get relief. And he is the best . I recommend him to all my friends and family !"
    Mandy Stuchell Gray / Facebook